What is Sungadan?

July 31, 2010

This is a further in-depth explanation of what exactly Sungadan is. Please keep in mind that these are excerpts as written by Mr. Francis C. Blanco (Founder/Instructor) and as such was not written by me. All written below is for information purposes only to inform those who want to learn more about this Martial Art Sungadan and therefore all the credits and rights go to Mr. Francis C. Blanco.

“… Our studio practice the Discipline of Sungadan, ‘The Art of Self Preservation.'” Sungadan is a blend of several empty hand and weapon base combat discipline that I have studied since I started training in the Philippines in 1967. Using Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate as the base art, I incorporated the empty hand art of Awaten Combat Ju Jutsu, Tae Kyon (Tae Kwon Do), Yang Luchuan Tai Chi, Gee Joh Acupressure and Dimmak, and the weapon base art of Filipino Stick Fighting, Filipino Knife Fighting, Japanese Sword Art of Goshindo and Okinawan Kubodu Weaponry intro one system…”

Further Explanations of Each Art Involved in Sungadan/Sungadan Studios::

“Sungadan: a small fishing village in the llocos region of Northern Philippines. It is a place where people put Love, Peace, Respect, Honor, and Commitment to Family above anything. Sungadan ( literal meaning “Entrance”) is chosen for the name of the art, to symbolize the student’s entrance to the secrets of martial arts.

Karate – Shorin Ryu (Kobayashi Ryu): an Okinawan form of martial art which focus on strong traditional movements. It is an art that covers the long combat range with kicks, punches and hand strikes. It also covers the medium combat range with blocks, elbow strikes and knee strikes.

Ju Jutsu- Awaten Combat: Awaten which literal meaning “Take it” is the basis of our Ju Jutsu philosophy of “Take what you opponent gives you, and let your body dictate what technique to use.” It is a system that employs extensive use of the triangle principle of leverage. It covers the short combat range with different types of joint locks, chokes, throws, take downs and ground grappling techniques.

Weaponry- Filipino, Okinawan and Japanese: We teach weapons to cover the extreme distance of combat range. We teach the Filipino Balisong or Butterfly Knife Fighting and the Filipino Arnis or Stick Fighting. We also teach Okinawan Kobudo such as Tonfa, Sai, Nunchaku and Jo (Bow Staff). We also teach the Japanese Sword Art of Goshindo and Chanbara.

Tournament Training: Sungadan Studios is well known in the Open Martial Arts Tournaments in California, Arizona and Nevada. We have several instructors and students that have won World, National and Local Level Competitions. We teach techniques that turn average students into Martial Arts Champions.

Fitness: We believe that fitness is a foundation of any martial arts. We use Tai Kick Boxing movements in our Adult Warm-Ups. In our junior warm-ups, we use traditional and sparring techniques. In our Little Warriors, we use exercises that improve motor skills and coordination.”


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