Born in California and raised on a steady diet of 70’s Kung Fu movies, most of which featured famous (mainly) Chinese and other Asian Martial Artist actors including Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Sammo Hung, Michelle Yeoh, Lily Li, Kara Hui, Tony Jaa and Jet Li, I have always been fascinated with the world of martial arts.  From the very first time I saw The Drunken Master at 7 years old and witnessed the magic of drunken boxing, I knew I wanted to learn martial arts. I especially loved the fact that these films featured feminine Chinese girls/women who also knew martial arts and could completely rock any man who disrespected them if they chose to. This was something I seldom saw growing up in the USA, where women are very commonly painted as damsels in distress, helpless, defenseless etc. in most films. I would stare up at the screen, enthralled by these women who were not only strikingly beautiful, but martial artists as well and I knew I wanted to be that. Although, I have always had a passion for martial arts and martial arts movies, I have never been given the opportunity to learn a martial art until I started dating my boyfriend Armando about 2 years ago ( at 19 years old). I knew he was a practiced martial artist in the art of American Kenpo, but it wasn’t until he offered to teach me (now 21 years old) what he knows that I realized I was finally getting the chance to be just like Lily Li in The Young Master! This blog logs and narrates all of my experiences, feelings and progress in learning American Kenpo.


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